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Let’s face it. The year 2020 has been a bust so far. As we speak, my butt was supposed to be on a European vacation but thanks to COVID, it took care of eliminating the highlight of my year! Thankfully, my family and loved ones are safe and healthy so that’s what truly matters. Perspective, folks! I’m trying here.

It’s been a minute since Fed-Ex dropped my last fabfitfun order so needless to say, when that colorful box was left on my doorstep, I think I squealed! If you’ve never experienced opening a subscription box where everything inside is a total surprise, it’s truly one of life’s greatest moments. It’s like Christmas 2.0 with a fantastic array of gifts from your most stylish and beautiful friend, who also happens to kick a** when it comes to picking out presents. I’m going to walk you through the items I scored today…

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